Professional Dog Grooming. Clipping. Trimming for your best friend what ever the Weather..

Another busy day in the Salon with a Maltese Terrier, 5 Toy Poodles, 3 Standard Poodles (1 in full Show coat) a Bedlinton Terrier, a Labradoodle and a Bearded Collie, all of these beautiful four legged ones come into the Salon regularly, (approx every 4-8weeks) they are so comfortable and relaxed here, its such a lovely sight to see them chilled out enjoying the Massage they get in the bath , then being hand dried, allowed to rest for a while, before having their hair styled and trimmed in a way that not only looks fabulous on them but also in a way that suits the owners lifestyle and the dogs coat types.. Finally a Spritz of one of our beautiful fragrances before being handed over to their owners..

It fills us with such pride to see the owners face’s delighted to see their dogs looking and smelling “Like they just stepped out of a Salon” we just know that the way these dogs are looking and smelling they are definitely going to get extra cuddles for a while….

All in a days work… wouldn’t change our job for anything…. *SMILES* 🙂