Grooming Salon

Luxurious Grooming Salon

At The Lady & the Tramp we cater for all dogs.

Our grooming services are comprehensive ranging from just nail clipping, to a simple bath and blow dry or a full styling service including mini massage and a hand scissored finish. We support all dogs to become accustomed to the salon environment. We are renowned for being able to groom nervous or fearful dogs, including puppies or dogs labeled difficult, allowing them to relax, become familiar with and enjoy the experience. Our grooming sessions are fun and friendly with time for dogs to rest and play between the pampering processes (it’s not natural for a dog to stand for prolonged periods) and dogs enjoy their time spent with us.

We are able to finish your dog’s coat in full show splendour (we regularly prepare dog’s for shows including Crufts) but more importantly will discuss with you as the owner what ’hairdo’ suit’s the lifestyle of you and your dog. We will show you how to brush and maintain your dog’s style between salon sessions, not only to maintain the best look but to ensure that your dog is comfortable and free of tangles which can be uncomfortable and pull the skin. We will also offer you advice on equipment, brushing techniques and products to use dependent on the breed of your dog and coat type.

Services in our salon:

  • A five point health check discussing any concerns with the owner
  • Nail clipping, ear cleaning, expressing anal glands.
  • Brushing out and removal of undercoat to reduce moulting/shedding
  • Bath, including a relaxing mini massage with all natural shampoo and conditioner suited to coat and skin type
  • Hand blow dry, clipping and hand scissored finish
  • Each session is finished with an abundance of hugs and cuddles and an application of doggy cologne
  • Speciality services including creative/bespoke styling, fun coat colouring, nail painting and style accessories are always available- imagination is the only limitation- all products used are designed for doggy use.

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