Grooming Maitenance Workshop


                        Grooming Maintenance Workshop

                                         Tuesday 12th June 2012 7pm-9pm


                             Do You Struggle to keep your dog’s coat knot free in between grooming sessions?

                            Do you brush you dog regularly but are still told its knotty when you take your dog to be groomed professionally?

                            Do you struggle to brush certain areas of your dog?

                            Do you struggle to get you dog to keep still whilst grooming them at home?

                           Are you unsure if you are using the correct equipment for your dog’s coat type?

                         If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then this Workshop is for you.

                         A fun and informative evening on how to maintain your dog’s coat in between grooming sessions at the salon.

                         FREE GOODIE BAG WITH EACH TICKET

                        SPECIAL OFFERS

                         AND LOTS MORE

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